A premier drapery hardware and trimmings line, based in Illinois.


Brimar has manufactured drapery hardware and trimmings for over 30 years, and because they are local, lead time on orders tends to be shorter. They place an emphasis on craftsmanship, and offer window hardware in distinguished styles ranging from classic to contemporary, including hand-carved finials, hand-tied tassels, and custom pole bending. Our design staff can help you find the right Brimar hardware to complement your space.


We've moved!

We’ve moved to our new address at 2000 N Clybourn, in the shopping center with Petco and Chipotle. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Gallery Location

2000 N Clybourn Ave
Chicago, IL 60614

Open Hours

Mon – Thurs 10am – 6pm
Fri 10am – 5pm
Sat 10am – 4pm
Sun 12am – 5pm


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